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In our online store you can buy fly agaric Amanita muscaria and panther fly agaric Amanita pantherina. Our farm collects mushrooms including fly agaric in the endless forests of our vast Motherland. Amanita love different forests, and birch groves on the shores of lakes and reservoirs and spruce endless expanses. Fly agaric is moved and dried in an industrial mushroom convector in compliance with all standards. Before drying, they get over, cleaned of dirt, bad mushrooms are thrown away, only good and clean hats go to the workpiece. Amanita mushrooms are dried immediately after collection, dried fly agarics are packed in airtight food bags, for better storage.

Amanita mushrooms are used in alternative medicine, many folk practices and shamanistic rituals, fly agaric heals, and when used correctly heals many ailments.

There are many interesting articles on the use of fly agaric, these are recipes for various tinctures, extracts, ointments, the history of the use of the northern peoples, and much more.

Dried Amanita muscaria, harvest 2020

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Amanita can be paid using the secure PayPal payment system, this method guarantees the receipt of the order, and a refund. We are authorized users of the PayPal payment system, payments in PayPal are protected by the return policy, the user can return the funds back if the goods are not sent. When paying for the order through PayPal, you can use any Visa, Mastercard bank cards. We have been registered in PayPal since 2017.

After paying for the order, write to us, we will verify the payment and send the package.

Amanita muscaria parcel delivery

After sending the parcel, all customers are given a parcel track number (RPO), having a track number you can always find out the status of the parcel, its location and when it will arrive at your post office.

Fly agarics are packed in mail corrugated boxes, boxes are guaranteed to keep fly agarics in their original form during transportation, do not allow fly agarics to break and crumple along the way.

Dried Amanita muscaria parcels are delivered to EU countries within 2-4 weeks

Parcels with dried fly agaric are delivered to the United States within 1-3 weeks.

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